Most guys skip right over the basics when trying to learn how to give a woman an orgasm through oral sex. That is a mistake because I am going to show you how knowing the basics of cunnilingus can bring her to orgasm faster than you ever thought possible. It involves three simple things that may make you want to slap yourself for not thinking of combining them when you performed oral sex on her in the past.

1) Her Breathing

Paying attention to her breath alone can bring her to orgasm faster. It is very simple. While you are licking and caressing her, if her breathing increases, maintain the same speed and rhythm until her breathing changes. If her breathing slows down, you mainly have two choices: to decrease her arousal and let it build her to a powerful explosive orgasm or increase her arousal.

You will know which one to choose based on how she reacts once you change your speed, rhythm, pressure, or location due to her decreased breathing rate. Change something and then take notice to what she does. If her breathing goes from fast to slow when you changed location, it means you probably just decreased her arousal. Now you want to build her arousal level back up again. This is the first option. Switching between decreasing and increasing her arousal can bring her to a very strong orgasm.

The second option is that her breathing increased when you changed speed, location, rhythm, and/or pressure. This means you found a spot she likes even more and she is quickly climbing to orgasm. Look at the third principle to see how to continue increasing her arousal.

2) Her Muscle Tension

You don't want to spend too much time noticing muscle tension. However, you do want to check it every so often to make sure you are licking her in a way that is pleasurable and not discomforting or painful to her. Basically, any sudden tension not accompanied by a change in breathing or doesn't cause her to move toward you, is bad. Good tension usually shows up in her lower abdominal muscles, hips, hands, and inner thighs.

3) Pelvic Floor Pulses

Pelvic floor pulses happen when you find a spot that she likes. If you continue to stimulate it, her pelvic floor muscles will pulse more. This is how you know you are increasing her arousal. If you find a certain speed that causes the pulses, then maintain that speed while you find a rhythm and pressure that causes them as well.

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